Clarified strategy. Simplified business processes. Accountable leadership. It’s what your company needs.

Business is complex and Peter Meyers helps executives make it simple. Instead of working hard and hoping for the best, Peter can help you see through the corporate clutter and develop intentional business strategy that is both effective and profitable in its approach. Peter’s consulting philosophy emphasizes partnering with executives and helping them develop purposeful business strategies that align the entire team under one common goal. Simply put, Peter’s business advisory and consulting firm, RedFoxLab, will help coach your organization to realize its purpose, foster positive culture and get things done. Stop wasting time, money and resources chasing what’s not important. Contact Peter to see how RedFoxLab can help your company identify complexities, focus on what matters, develop boundaries and clarify strategies to keep moving forward.

  • This is Peter’s unique value proposition to businesses. As a strategic advisor, he will help you manage growth by helping you understand the root causes of how complications have become the norm, work with you to identify key priorities and develop strategies and tools to keep the majority of your company’s energy aimed at these objectives - keeping things simple and productive.

  • Elite athletes have a way of tuning out the noise of the crowd and focusing solely on their opponent. Peter can help your leaders and organization hone its competitive focus and reduce counterproductive processes so that your entire workforce is working toward the same common goal.

  • Your organization’s accountability starts at the top. You can’t HIRE accountability, but you can definitely INSPIRE and TRAIN it. Strengthen your organization at the top as Peter works collaboratively with your executive and management team to address leadership readiness and skills gaps, reach corporate goals, improve individual and team communication, and establish organizational accountability at all levels.

  • It’s easy to gain weight. Eat more cake and work out less often is a quick and simple way to get larger. Unfortunately, it’s not the healthiest and most sustainable way to add size to your frame. The same can be said of business growth. Smart growth comes from a series of healthy acts completed to serve a common purpose. Peter can help your organization get better, faster and stronger through purposeful growth strategy and without all the empty calories.

Pragmatic approach to business leadership, organizational improvement and intentional growth

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